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H-D Military Suppressed-Blued 

Suppressed H-D Military .in Hot salt bluing over bead blast finish.  

Please contact us for ordering information. Price is $1500 plus applicable state tax and $40 insured shipping

Hi Standard Suppressed HDM/s  style pistol. At ABD LLC we have 25 years of experience building integral suppressed .22 pistols. The HDM is a classic favorite. Originated by Wild Bill Donovan as a clandestine assassination device for OSS operatives during World War 2 the  HDM is still in US Government armories. Originals can fetch $20,000. Ours is externally the same as the original's but are vastly superior to the original design and use proprietary stainless radial baffles with interlocking tabs of our design that are custom machined on CNC equipment. The HD-Military pistols we use as base guns are disassembled, inspected and expertly refinished prior to reassembly. We use new, never fired Ruger Mark IV takeoff barrels that are machined to fit the Hi Standard receiver. Guns are test fired and equipped with one magazine.  They are best described as works of art suitable for framing and for hard use. 

Occasionally we acquire USA Model H-D guns which even further approximate the early models. Ask for details.

Price include new walnut grips.

These are NFA regulated suppressed pistols and will transfer through your class 3 dealer on a form 4. If  you are in South Carolina, we can transfer these to you directly on a form 4 and can walk you through the process. 

Yeah, Its OK to call them silencers.

If you have your own USA Model H-D , H-D Military , A model, B bodel or E model and want YOUR Hi Standard converted with a modern integral suppressor please contact us at to discuss the project.

In addition we offer a core exchange program. $500 core for any rebuildable Hi Standard HD Military and $700 for any rebuildable US Model H-D on an exchange basis. Email me for details at

Please see our other listing for suppressor build specifics.